Steady and Joyful is the title of my Graphic Design Degree Project at Rhode Island School of Design. As a yoga teacher, I noticed that many people were intimidated by yoga or didn’t quite understand the purpose or practice of it. As a designer, I noticed most books, websites, and other yoga media outlets weren’t very accessible to beginners, both in content and visual design. This book is my proposed solution to the hesitation and misconception of yoga by the general public. The visual language and writing of the book was made to be welcoming and fun while still providing information of the many aspects of yoga, from philosophy to poses to meditation.

Since yoga has helped me become healthier both physically and mentally, I designed these cards to accompany the book and provide a short yoga practice to help soothe common ailments.

I designed these posters to depict the complex practices of Asana (Poses) and Pranayama (Breathing Practices) in an easily digestible way so that anyone can benefit from them.