2019 breast cancer awareness

If you've ever been in a hospital you know the environment can be less than visually pleasing. Complex and historic institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital can be difficult to keep looking fresh yet consistent. 


For October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) 2019 I wanted to create a campaign that brought beauty and simplicity to the visually crowded halls of the hospital. The goal of this campaign was to empower patients and employees to take their health into their own hands and schedule their yearly mammogram.

Initial concepts

After a group brainstorm around the theme of empowerment I mocked up the following concepts. The 2018 campaign excluded pink completely and we received feedback that our audience missed the immediate visual connection that the pink made to Breast Cancer. I wanted to make sure that the design used pink in a new, innovative way that avoided the overused pastel pink ribbon.

This concept was built on encouraging our audience to be proactive about their health since patients at Mass General are able to schedule their own mammogram. I wanted to create a visual language that was accessible and modern while personalizing it for our community by adding the Boston skyline in the background.

In previous years, we collected quotes from employees giving their personal reasons for getting a yearly mammogram. This concept was based around using those stories of empowerment and photography to make a personal connection with our audience.

This was ultimately the concept that our team chose for the campaign. The abstract and bold visuals provided a strong contrast to the rest of the posters in the hospital while remaining approachable through the soft watercolor texture.

At Mass General

In the final design, I scanned my own watercolor painting to use for the background texture. The tagline "Make the choice to know." came from a group brainstorming session.

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