Printed book mockup of a chapter introduction spread in the Exceptional Ecommerce Ebook Guide.

Exceptional Ecommerce: Ebook Guide


This ebook outlines Shogun's 5 pillars defining top ecommerce storeow to differentiate theirsite, drive conversions, and prompt return customers.

visual discovery

The goal of the ebook was to create a long form gated asset to collect leads and data from Shogun's readers. The content of the ebook was inspired by a series of blog articles Shogun had previously published called Exceptional Ecommerce. I decided to use the featured images from these blog articles as a starting point for the visual exploration.

I presented two concepts to the rest of the marketing team and we decided that the ideal was somewhere in the middle. I combined the simplicity of the "dark mode" concept with simpler bright illustrations from the "colorful + bold" concept to arrive at the final visual direction.

existing imagery from the shogun blog

Six featured blog images that inspired the visual direction of the ebook.

concept 1: dark mode

Printed book mockup of the dark mode concept.

concept 2: colorful + bold

Printed book mockup of the bold and colorful concept.

final visual direction: a little of both

Printed book mockup of the final concept.

ebook design

I approached the overall design of the ebook with simplicity and expressive illustrations as the top priorities. To visually organize the content, each chapter has a different gradient for H2s and a background glow color. I also made the ads for Shogun Frontend cohesive and clear by applying a white outlined box around each of them.

download full ebook

table of contents and cover

Table of contents mocked up in a printed book and cover design mocked up on a tablet.

introduction page

Introduction spread mocked up on a laptop.

chapter introduction pages

Chapter introduction spreads in an isometric grid.

selected spreads

Selected spreads from the Exceptional Ecommerce Ebook.

selected spreads

Selected spreads from the Exceptional Ecommerce Ebook.

full page ads for shogun frontend

Ads for Shogun Frontend in the Exceptional Ecommerce Ebook.

social + ad imagery design

In order to test a few different approaches, I created 3 different ad designs: 1 using a human face, 1 showing a 3D render of the cover, and 1 showing a 3D render of the inside of the book. The human face and open book designs performed the best. This is an insight I applied to other ad creative going forward.

Mobile mockup of 3 different ads for the Exceptional Ecommerce Ebook.Mockup of a facebook ad for the Exceptional Ecommerce Ebook.

landing page

The landing page for the ebook should provide a sleek preview of the content and value of the ebook. I highlighted and visually organized the descriptions of the pillars with icons. To entice readers to click "download," I provided a sneak peek of the selected ecommerce examples with a lightbox collection of screenshots.

see live landing page
Screenshot of the Exceptional Ecommerce Ebook landing page.

(scroll in window to preview}