Two mobile mockups of the Shogun blog.

Shogun Blog: Exploring the Shogun Brand

The "Exceptional Ecommerce Blog" on Shogun's website is a key factor in both Shogun's content marketing strategy and industry presence. The featured image illustrations not only help readers navigate the page, but also give them a sense of Shogun's brand and expertise. In short, they help instill trust that Shogun knows what they're talking about when it comes to ecommerce.

blog imagery before

Blog imagery has two goals: 1) create a strong, branded impression on the user and 2) help the user navigate the page and find the content they are looking for. The existing imagery was very consistent and colorful, but ultimately each of the images looked too similar and too busy, which detracted from the goals.

Working with the brand designer, our team developed a new style for our blog imagery. It used simplified colors and gradients so the overall page would feel less visually chaotic. We also incorporated photography to help make each image's visual message more clear for the user.

existing blog imagery

Existing blog tiles demonstrating the older style of illustration.

new blog imagery style

Six examples of the new style of blog images.

blog imagery after

After our team was aligned on the new direction, I created 3 to 4 new featured images each week. This involved curating stock photography and typefaces to create mini fake brands as well as creating UI components and decorative, branded elements.

When an article was making an announcement or rounded up examples of aspirational ecommerce stores or pages, I used a typographic approach. This helped to clearly demonstrate what the article was about when the topic was more abstract or complex.

selected featured images

A mockup of 10 different featured images from the Shogun blog.

landing page vs. home page article, featured + in-blog images

Printed mockup depicting a blog article and its custom illustrations.

multichannel sales blog article

A laptop mockup showing an article about multichannel commerce.

best product landing pages article, featured + in-blog images

A mockup of a tablet and printed papers depicting a blog article and its custom illustrations.

facebook ad article, featured image

Featured image depicting a facebook ad.

typographic based featured images

Seven examples of typographic featured images from the Shogun blog.

selected featured images in mobile view

A mobile mockup of the Shogun blog featuring 6 illustrations.

articles with featured + in-blog images

Four tablet mockups showing blog articles and featured images.