Art direction + graphic design

Empower and encourage Mass General patients, visitors, and employees to schedule their yearly mammogram while bringing beauty and simplicity to the crowded halls of the hospital through a poster campaign.

I wanted to leverage the existing connection pink has to breast cancer awareness without using the typical pastel pink ribbon that you'd see everywhere in October. After an initial brainstorming meeting where we decided to focus on the themes of empowerment and "moving forward," I proposed the three pink concepts below.

Illustration concept
Photography concept
Abstract concept
As a team we decided on the "abstract concept" because it was open to interpretation for the viewer and it would be easy to apply to many different formats. In order to make the watercolor look less like it could be a tumor, I swapped the graphic out for one with more brushstroke movement (below).
Concept presentation to chief of Breast Imaging
Final artwork
Postcards displayed in hospital
Poster displayed in hospital
3 poster series displayed in hospital
Employee/visitor engagement table
The hospital campaign was received so well that we extended the campaign to our social media channels and received funding for ad placements on the Boston MBTA subway system. The printed ads and digital platforms drove 157 and 743 people respectively to the landing page.
Mass General Imaging YouTube page
Mass General Imaging Facebook page
Print ad on an Orange Line train
Print ad on a Red Line train
Digital ad at the Charles/MGH stop
3 screen digital ad at the Charles/MGH stop

Art direction + graphic design

Increase volume of applications for open technologist positions by targeting Boston-area techs through social media and job boards using banner ads and printed flyers.

After speaking with Mass General technologists I discovered that one of the most rewarding parts of the job is working directly with the patients. I wanted to highlight that experience in the photographic/illustrative concepts below. The more abstract concepts are a clean yet fun way to visually catch the attention of social media users. The project team decided to go with one of the photographic concepts for the open house event materials and a more abstract design for the digital platforms.
Light "blob" concept
Dark "blob" concept
Character illustration concept
Photo blue overlay concept
Angular photo concept 1
Angular photo concept 2
Top places to work concept 1
Top places to work concept 2
While the open house was unfortunately canceled due to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team was still able to engage with potential technologists digitally. The "Top Places to Work" graphic I designed helped to spread the word on our social media channels.
Flyer for employment open house
Postcards for open house
"Top Places to Work" graphic on the Mass General Imaging Twitter
Photo blue overlay graphic on the Mass General Imaging Twitter