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Commerce Shift: Interviews with Experts

Landing page preview for a project called Commerce Shift.

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Page Builder: Product Brand Refresh

Landing page preview for a project called Page Builder Product Brand Refresh.

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Shogun Blog: Exploring the Shogun Brand

Preview of the Shogun Blog showing featured images and article titles.

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Exceptional Ecommerce: Ebook Guide

An iPad showing the cover of an ebook called Re-Imagining Exceptional Ecommerce.
An image of Jacqueline Silva.

Hi, I'm Jacqueline!

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I'm a brand and marketing designer living in Massachusetts with my little senior chihuahua, Chico. I most recently worked as a senior marketing designer at Shōgun, an ecommerce SaaS company. I'm passionate about making unique designs that delight and emotionally connect with the user and about making my workplace a supportive, enjoyable environment for myself and my team.


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